Where can I download some exported GM HTML5 games?



I'm working on a website where people can upload games. I auto-detect some things in the game's source (like dimensions, title, etc). I have this working for Unity builds, but I also want to support GameMaker.

I currently don't have a GM license, so I don't think I can export builds myself. Is there a place where I can download some HTML5 builds, or would someone be willing to send me some example exports?

An additional question: does anyone know if the exported html file ever changed its format, or if there's multiple export options? I'd like to support as many versions as possible.

Thank you for your time.


Here is a quick demo that you can download: Bouncing Hello World

Often it's best to start testing with minimalist examples before moving onto full-fledged projects. It cuts down on loading time, reduces the complexity, and makes it easier to identify key characteristics.

As for changing formats, the defaults haven't changed much (more or less the same HTML5 page code, meant to be embedded as an iframe), but there has always been an option to load in a custom index.html. So if your size auto-detect is tuned for the default, projects that have configured their own index.html might be incompatible with it. Have a manual override there, just in case.