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Where can i buy gamemaker 8 pro ?

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Is there any possibility to purchase the gamemaker version from 2012 ? I just find downloads for the Liteversion, and it says i can purchase the pro-version at yoyogames.com, but here is just the new game studio i can buy. Is yoyo games, or anybody still selling game maker 8 pro version licence?


You can no longer purchase licenses for legacy versions of Game Maker. If you currently own a previously purchased standard license for Game Maker 8.1 you may still register it currently (per licensing terms). Licensing is only available for Game Maker Studio and up.


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I bet you got that download from an old source as well, and not Yoyogames. They dropped support for that old version quite a time ago. GM Studio is a much better project, and version 2 is coming soon. Things cost a bit more than they used to back with version 8, but the products are quite better as well. If you were interested you could pre-purchase the beta version Studio 2. It does everything the version 8 did and much much more.


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Hi there! Sorry, but support for GM versions below version 1.4 was finished some time ago. You can still get 1.4 from the YoYo Games store, but you'd be better off getting 2.0 as it is the latest version and has a lot of new features. You can get a free trial version of 2 to play with here before you buy: https://www.yoyogames.com/get2
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