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Discussion Whenever I try running my project GMS2 crashes


So recently, the CPU bug has become a pretty big thing. I'm one of the ones that still have problems with it, but I got it "fixed" by forcing GMS2 to use my dedicated graphics and not my integrated graphics card.
If I tried to run my project when GMS2 is using my integrated graphics card (that will eat the whole CPU) the project wouldn't even try to run. It just wouldn't do anything at all. But when I use my dedicated graphics card everything is fine, except that I cannot run my game or GMS2 will start "not responding".

Anyways, wouldn't it be a good idea to give us the version that worked for us all for now? I'm sorry, but you're wasting OUR time that we could have spent making our games. You made an error that WE are not responsible for, so be kind and just supply us with an older version that worked and break your "rules" for once. YOU are responsible for it not US, so don't see any reason why WE should be responsible too. Basically, when something bad happens, you pay for it. And your price should be giving us the old version that you so desperately don't want to.

I respect you all but recently you are not being very transparent to us, which I don't really enjoy (and I don't think that I'm the only one). Otherwise, good luck with all of this mess, hope everything gets sorted out.
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YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Ok I am not sure what you are complaining about here, GMS2 uses OpenGL and if your graphics driver does not support a version of OpenGL that support graphics rendering then we use the MESA software renderer, this will use extra CPU cycles but in general updating your graphics driver should fix this problem.

In a very specific use case (Remote Desktop access (RDP)) then the MESA driver is required as the OpenGL version Microsoft supports over RDP is not sufficient.

Recently we introduced an improved File Watcher which through an oversight was using too much CPU time, but we have since issues a hotfix that seems to fix this on the majority of systems, we are currently trying to work out why some customers are not seeing the benefits of this, but so far we have not seen a pattern which would allow us to fix this (we cannot replicate it here on our test and development machines) We are working on fixing it, but its not a simple, change this and it will all go away issue.