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When you think your game is really coming along...


Then you cruise the amazing work happening in the 'Made With Gamemaker' and 'Work in Progress' threads and decide to delete your GM project folder :).
Everybody has to start somewhere. Unfortunately for guys like you and me, it's a lot further down the ladder lol


Why delete; there's so many titles made on great budget that haven't worked in the market. Best thing that can happen is that your game joins the blockbusters, or the good to mild, or the bad to worst, or the "stop poking the beehive" section...

It's like playing online and believing that the leaderboard means something. Or working as if there's no tomorow, when we're not eternal and wish for a good comfortable flexible life. It doesn't make sense. It's a game lol


Then you cruise the amazing work happening in the 'Made With Gamemaker' and 'Work in Progress' threads and decide to delete your GM project folder
Not going to lie but I feel that way too sometimes! But then I remember that making a game with my own characters and story was my childhood dream -- and that I am in the process of making it come true!

If anything, the awesome games I see in the 'Made With Gamemaker' and 'Work in Progress' sections only inspire me to keep improving my own work!

Think positive always!
I too am sometimes discouraged by seeing the things other people are making.

The important thing I try to do is instead ask, am I doing better than I did last time? Only center your improvement on your self, not on how others are doing. Then each time you learn something new it was really worth it, even if everyone else learned how to do that 15 years ago.


I of course didn't literally throw my game in the trash, in fact I'm all in on it for the long haul. My major weaknesses are in artwork/animation and level design both of which I am working hard at to improve.

But wow you see some pro level looking games in those threads, it's really impressive. It actually drives me to improve my game.


It’s inspiring to see what people are able to create using GM.
There will always be people who look up to you, and people who you look up to.
You already figured out how to download, install, and open GM. That’s 3 steps ahead of many people. :)
Sometimes you need to look a bit deeper and see that some of these amazing looking projects didn't all start off looking as great as they do too.


Take it as a challenge, inspiration, motivation or whatever, but don't let that bring you down. First, the grass is always greener, you know...and secondly, if you like what you do and enjoy it with a couple friends, isn't that rewarding enough by itself?


I more or less program to escape. It's something i've been doing for quite awhile now. The last three months going full force and not giving up...one thing I do all the time is save ALL my files whether its programming, word, excel, powerpoint, vids...you never know when you'll need them.


Don't forget to backup your stuff on a cloud too because, just like STD's, you can never tell when you're gonna get hit!