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Discussion When will GM:S 1.4 Become Obsolete?


I have a few questions:

I recently bought Game Maker Studio 2 Professional since i get the discount. I did this thinking that "oh, game maker 1.4 will become obsolete soon."

Am I wrong? How long do I have before support and updates will end for Game Maker Studio 1.4?
If I didn't need to purchase GM:S 2, can I get a refund or not?



Not Medusa
Forum Staff

The Helpdesk said:
Are YoYo Games continuing to support GameMaker: Studio 1.X?

Yes! You can still file support tickets with the helpdesk related to GameMaker: Studio 1.X, and the program will still receive essential maintenance and updates to core elements, although only critical bugs will be fixed and no new features will be added.
There's been an official announcement about this as well.