anyone know how to transfer all or selected chats from WhatsApp iphone to WhatsApp Android?

Ive tried searching online, i get bombarded by software that says its free, till the very end when you come to transfer to the android phone then it tells you you need a 1 years subscription.

I just need this as a one off not a year subscription...

So if software can do it, then there is a way to programatically do this... any ideas?

Ive tried looking for whatsapp folder on iphone but it doesnt seem to be publically accesible so can manually copy the folder over to android phone


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I dont think you'll find much help on a forum about game dev around using GameMaker studio


if they did why would I be asking how to transfer them

anyways i decided its better to use one of thsoe paid programs on windows as I had two devices to transfer chat to.

But its not cheap and you use it once... I mean annual licence? how many times do people change phones in a year?

any want details pm me