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What's More Popular 1.4 or 2


perhaps I put this in the wrong forum section but it's close enough.

Consider this more of a curiosity question than anything:
What's more popular as of now? Game Maker 1.4 or Game Maker 2?
2 is obviously a better choice except for the fact that it has no permanent free option.
2 is also used more by youtubers now than 1.4 but that's to be expected.

I'm more curious about weather the majority of beginners and intermediate users use 1.4 or 2


You aren't clear on what question you are asking. More popular or more widely used?

I like 1.4 better, but I use 2 more.


I actually didn't know that. But can't you still access the free version of 1.4? That might appeal to people who don't want to pay or just can't afford it.

Also sorry, to clarify I meant what version is used more.


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I'd be interested to see some solid stats/info on this as well...
tho I doubt YoYo would ever release such info (unless it showed GMS2 was being used massively more than GMS1 and could use that info to encourage more sales.)
My gut says that GMS1 is still more commonly used, more regularly than GMS2 (just because it's more intuitive, there are way more tutorials/demos/assets for it, so many people already have it, people are used to how it works, it's much faster to rapidly prototype/game jam with etc.) - tho I may very well be wrong.
Personally, I'll be using GMS1.4 for as long as possible for actual development (as many nice new features as GMS2 introduced, the overall workflow in GMS1.4 is just so much better than GMS2 - esp on a single screen.)
Importing a project later to GMS2 isn't usually so much work, so devving in 1.4 (90% of the work) and just using GMS2 as an export/optimizing tool (10%).
Hafta use GMS2 to export to console tho, and I imagine soon enough GMS1.4 will only be good for Windows dev (as mobile support is wound down to unusability.)
So even if you think GMS1.4 is da bees knees (which it is), you still need to have GMS2 going forward, and you still should be trying to get used to the new workflow/quirks/changes.
Cos 1.4 will become pretty much obsolete soon enough.
Ya kinda need both imo.


I was pretty resistant to 2 for quite a while, but decided to just jump in and use it anyway. It took me a little while to get used to it, but now I like it better than 1. My workflow is equal or better with 2 over 1. Now, when I open an old project from 1, it feels clunky and cumbersome with all those windows (which is what I used to like, actually).

I would guess that 1 vs 2 usage is probably half and half. As time goes on, more and more will be using 2, and 1 will fall into retro obscurity.

I think a lot of folks are just more resistant to change than I am, I guess (those who are sticking with 1). It kinda surprises me since I'm an old fart and all. Lol. You'd think I'd have been more stuck in what I'm used to. -shrug-


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I did an unscientific survey a few days ago on Twitter, and judging from the results (and assuming they are true, representative of the population of a whole, yadda yadda) GMS2.x currently is 3-4 times as popular as GMS1.4, but 1 in 5 people still use it... and a handful haven't even moved over to Studio yet.


also one of my followers didn't even use GM and will be tracked down and shot shortly