What would be the ULTIMATE GameMaker Humble Bundle?


For me...

GameMaker Studio 2 Developer (with standard Windows, Mac and Ubuntu modules)
bundled with GM Studio 1 Master Edition (All modules included) :eek:

Price: $150 ;)


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doesn't this basically boil down "a bundle with all the modules and versions i specifically want" ... ?

iirc, most of the games included in the existing bundle were arcade-y mobile games. i think a more diverse selection of games would be a welcome improvement.


For me -

GameMaker Studio 1.4 Source Code Edition.

Oh, just saw this,

Game maker studio 1-3, with all export modules, source code, and a perpetual license, for $5
That would work too! :D
This is becoming quite the issue for me. There's money to be made and publishers offering me money to make things on the Switch. Its becoming a detriment to stick with GameMaker when other programs do it.
Yup. Indies are apparently killing it on the Switch, too. Makes it even worse.