Graphics What type of art is in the YoYo Dungeon Demo?


Michael Taylor

Hello all,

I've been a software engineer for years, but am just now trying to get into game development. Can you tell me what type of art style is used in the YoYo dungeon demo? I think it looks great. I believe the same art style is also used in the platform demo.

Also, could you point me to some tutorials on this art style?



edit: Here is a link to the demo:
They're just normal raster drawings. (They're not pixel art.) There are no special tricks for drawing like this. Just spend five years practicing hard at drawing, and you'll get it, lol.

Krita would probably be good software for this kind of art, though.
Thanks everyone for the information, I really appreciate it!

Ahh, so pixel art programs like Pro Motion or Aseprite would probably not be any good for this raster-style art?
Correct, they wouldn't be. Pixel art programs like Graphics Gale, Pyxel Edit, Pro Motion, and Asesprite are geared toward pixel art, meaning they have few (or no) dirty tools. Dirty tools being anything that blend, blur, etc to make new colors without you specifically selecting it from your palette. The upside to these programs if you're making pixel art is that they're very streamlined to do so, and have a lot of special tools that only really help with pixel art. Programs like Krita, Open Canvas, and Paint Tool Sai are made for painting, and have a bunch of tools that will smoothly mix colors and stuff for you. I use a bunch of programs, and pick the one I think will be best for the job. For example:

Working in Krita!

Working in GraphicsGale! =)

Both programs are great (actually, most of the programs we listed are), but they're all best at different things. For the type of art in YoYo's dungeon example, Krita, Open Canvas, or Sai would probably be best. I mentioned Krita first because it's free and supports basic animation, unlike the other two programs.

And yes, Like Fel ninja'd me and said, to be clear, raster art is any art made with pixels, including pixel art. Which is why I specified the art style above as "normal raster art" - it's made with pixels instead of being vector art, but it's not pixel art or any special style like that. Anyway, good luck, Michael! The best way to practice drawing is to just draw! Pick up a pencil or charcoal and copy anything you feel like copying. is great for studying people. Or you can go outside when it's nice out and copy what you see. Try to mix up drawing with imagination with drawing from observation. Both are important and will help you improve. =)

And I wasn't joking when I said "just practice for five years," though I'm sure you could do some fine art much sooner if you practiced hard. Drawing is excruciatingly slow going sometimes. A lot of time, it won't feel like you're improving at all. But you will be, so just keep slogging through it, hahah. Check your old work every six months or so to keep yourself going. Good luck! =)
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Michael Taylor

Awesome! Thanks you two, I appreciate the guidance!

I see what you mean, now, with the difference between pixel art specific tools and normal raster art tools. I wasn't sure what you meant earlier (in comment #5) when you mentioned "dirty tools", but now it makes sense. Thanks for explaining that.

And, thanks RichHopelessComposer for the inspiration! I'll get to practicing. I always enjoy a good challenge. If nothing else, my first several games will just have ugly art. LOL