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GMS 2.3+ What on earth is wrong with collision triggering and bbox?

Screenshot attached.
So maybe it's me, maybe not, but this feels wrong.
Basically ,I have a block A and a block B.
When I check if a collsion with block A left or right bbox (doens't matter) with Block B, it will return true even if my Block B's opposite bbox is like 20-30 something pixels away.
You can see the player (pink block) debug info on the top, and the block B (orange)
debug info on the bottom of the screen.
If anybody can point me to what I do wrong here...
Even weirder, is when I switch bbox values for x, it does seem to work, but I want to check on the damn sprite edges, not it's origin, lol

Here, left player bbox is 550, right block bbox is 522, and this things returns true?!?