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Im making this thread becouse of weird design choises from yoyo which hopefully theyll fix and make the IDE more adequate.

for now:

- when you double press on a text, it selects everythng after the text typer not before it, this is most alien to me and unnatural, litteraly no software i have used for now uses this logic. maybe if im left handed it wuld be more natural, but i and most people are not.

selecting text before the typer has aways been the standart.

- the search and replace tool finds texts from all opened tabs, another thing uncalled for that doesnt make much sense, you will have same variables or any text in maximum few tabs and most of the time, 99.9% you dont want to change it from all tabs but just the one you have selected. and if you do have lets say text you want to change in 10 tabs, its just 2 clicks away to change text in the new tab. now not only it checks all tabs, but it starts aways from the upmost top one. why? game maker is not like an SQL server where you have bazzilion vars that you want to change on the fly, its mostly logic handling.

changing text in currently selected tab is all that is nececery.


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Hello! If you want something to be done about this, then posting on the forums is not really the way to go (and certainly not in Off Topic!)... File bug reports and request that YYG change the behaviour you are having issues with, or add preferences to let you customise things more, etc... They do listen and plenty of changes have been made to the IDE due to user feedback like this.

I'm going to close this topic now, as really there isn't much anyone can say or do about what you say here...
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