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 What happened to the Remove Background Colour in Import Strip Image?



I was translating a old RM2K game to GMS as a hobby of mine (NSFW, so please don't ask the name of the game.)
Since GMS2 have a better toolings to deal with pixels and large quantity of events, I quickly move it to GMS2, but there is a problem......
Where is the tools of removing background colours?
I have actaully a million (no kidding, more then 8000 sheets of 64-480 sprites each) of sprites to translate form, and I can not find a easy way to automatically removing background colours form the sheets.
Now I have to deal with them one by one on every frames and thats a painful way to work on......

So please can we have that tools back?

By the way:
Could we have a fill the linked blank tools on room design tool?
I have that feeling that it would be very useful when it came to creating large rooms of RPG games.
And how about a list of in game variables? That could be very handy too.
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