What game are you playing right now?

I've been playing through Breath of the Wild for the second time. After the teaser trailer for the sequel dropped, I've been obsessed with the lore and world of Breath of the Wild. I am probably too excited to see where the story is going.
I played through Modern Warfare a few days after release (the constant barrage of large updates really halted things). It was interesting, and as much as I enjoyed the tease of Task Force 141 returning in the next game, it upset me to have realized that, despite how prominently Captain Price was featured in all marketing material, he might as well have not even been in the game; the focus was entirely on a set of Middle-Eastern siblings in which I really couldn't get a grip on the brother's motivations. The campaign felt more like a Resident Evil Zero rather than a REmake. I also feel the idea of the game being this dark, controversial journey that would make No Russian from Modern Warfare 2 seem tame was oversold. I never got that vibe from it at all, probably because the dark tone of the game never let up, therefore it all blended together in this desensitized fashion. It was crazy to see that, unlike previous entries in the series, the most exciting and tense missions were the slow, quiet ones where you would clear out a house, room by room. The multiplayer has me completely hooked as well, although I only play offline with bots so I don't have to deal with any of the crap everybody's experiencing online, but it will be a while before I play it again as I'm not interested in downloading another 14GB just for a few weapon tweaks, even if it also adds an awesome map. I really like how the reticle isn't statically locked to the center of the screen, like Titanfall, as it's a feature my own FPS has after being inspired by the latter.

I'm also going through Need for Speed Heat right now. I was extra hyped for it considering it's the first game I've seen to feature the Lamborghini Aventador S, my dream car, despite having replaced the LP-700 years ago. I must have played the game in several 12 hour stints trying to unlock it. It's a somewhat underwhelming, flawed game, but it still has enough going for it to keep me coming back.

I'm playing The Last Guardian for a second time.
I forgot I even owned this. When it first came out, I got about an hour in and just lost all interest. I only bought it because of its notoriety, although I am proud to own the collector's edition regardless of how I feel.
Recently finished playing Catherine Full Body. Definitely recommend it if you haven't played it.
I forgot I also own this! I remember being so excited when I randomly discovered it while browsing Amazon long before release and preordered the collector's edition immediately, avoiding any and all material on the game. It was only while my copy was out for delivery that I accidentally and finally discovered it is merely an enhanced remake. I was promptly discouraged and didn't have any interest in playing it, as I was really looking forward to a new adventure. I'll get around to it eventually to see all that's new (and I have been meaning to replay the original for quite some time now). I also wish its collector's edition was as good as the original.


Finished Death Stranding and I've been playing post-game missions and building roads. What an incredible game!
I'm struggling with the minuscule text from the other side of the room, though!


You may have heard of this one... Its Diablo 2... Tiny little game...
Playing summoning necro and God damn it he is good at this. Currently spanking Andariel on Nightmare for some drops. We shall see...


resident evil revelations 2, shadow warrior 2, dont starve.

others that are on my active list are,
fear 3, dishonored2, painkiller, warhammer dark crusade, chaosbane, half life2, albion online.
I used to play a bunch of Don't Starve Together. Should reinstall it, a good bit of fun.

Lately I've been playing a tonne of Smash Bros. Ultimate. Found a handful of people I can play against regularly and practice my DORIYAAAAH skills.
I picked up Death Stranding from work because it was somehow both on TPR and discontinued after we only received two shipments of four total copies. I absolutely love the universe the game sets up from the beginning, and was enthralled by the cutscenes, no matter how long they were. The graphics are gorgeous and I got a real kick out of trying to maintain my balance while exploring. I was so caught up in the world that I spent the first 6 hours of the game getting as far as most players probably would in roughly 90 minutes. I must have spent at least an hour exploring the crumbling town in the beginning as it seems to be from Silent Hills, though I've yet to find any confirmation on that. Every little aspect has me hooked: the Timefall, the beach, the BBs, DOOMS, the danger of corpses, the hand prints, the idea of how the online aspect works even if I don't partake in it, even Sam blowing raspberries at his reflection. I just want to learn more and more about what's going on as I'm enjoying this universe way more than anything Kojima's released up until this game. One aspect that I both like and dislike is the camera being treated as an actual entity when in the private room. On one hand, it's interesting to interact with Sam by either annoying him or instructing him what to do, but on the other, I'm supposed to be him, not with him; it's a bit immersion-ruining. I know it's part of the Kojima charm, but still. I also could have done without Sam ripping off his bloody toenails.

Unfortunately, my second session wasn't quite as interesting. By the time I was through the second episode, the game had been nothing but going back and forth between the same sectors, with no major cutscenes or revelations. Avoiding the Death Stranding was not quite as exciting anymore as they don't seem to do much besides acting like landmines (and I've yet to actually be killed or whatever), despite how nerve-wracking the suit coming to life always is whenever entering a populated area. I've had no real interactions with anybody apart from delivery holograms where people just talk at me like I'm Gordon Freeman. The rain is starting to annoy me more than it did in Breath of the Wild as shelter seems to be a real rarity. I also finally got a vehicle, and not even five minutes later I accidentally sunk it in a river, meaning this grand story mission I now have to embark on is going to take 45 minutes when it could have just been 4-5, and while I wasn't expecting crossing the US to take 100 hours, I've barely gone west and it seems I'm already a quarter of the way there. Hopefully the game will start to pick up again, because I'm so disappointed that everything that drew me into the game within the first few hours seems to have plateaued. I mean, it probably could be my fault from just spending too much time trying to soak everything in rather than following the mainline structure, but I was hoping for a more cinematic approach instead of just having side characters thank me through holograms for completing their tedious tasks while some of the main cast spew things at me through the codec that I care less for with every new message.




Coded Games

Right now all I'm playing is Beat Saber. It is getting ever closer to me calling it the perfect game; greatest of all time.