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GMS 2 What does _init_action stand for?


Hi guys!

Since september I have the " runner.exe exited with non-zero status (-1073741819) " error, So I looked into the output and Syntax error looking for answers, and I can see that I have this syntax error:

__init_action at line 4, 8 : variable __argument_relative only referenced once
__init_action at line 2, 8 : variable __part_syst only referenced once

Is this related to the problem?
No, that is just telling you that you have created a variable which is only used once. It will not cause your game to crash. There are multiple reasons that you can get the error that is crashing your game, unfortunately it is too ambiguous to really help you with. A quick Google search for that error shows that most people seem to run into it when using too much memory. It looks like it is a bug with GM itself.

My suggestion would be to retrace your steps if possible to when this began. If you have some gigantic loop, or something you think could be filling up your memory too quickly then I would try and comment that out temporarily while you do some tests. If you can't think of anything then start cutting your game up into parts that you can test and start adding debugging so you can see what is going on. Add the debug overlay, add breakpoints in important key areas that may be possibly causing problems and start tearing things apart until you can pinpoint the exact source of the issue. Once you have found the code that is the problem report back here with it and it's possible that someone can give you more specific help.

Best of luck


Show_debug_message() is your friend. Put messages in all your startup scripts and objects to see at what point your game reaches before crashing. Also setting a breakpoints and manually advancing your game line by line can help when you get closer to the problem.