Development What do you use the inspector for?


Not really sure where to put this, so I'm putting it here.

I'm experimenting with the inspector for the first time, and I guess I don't understand why you would use it or what it is for. It seems to duplicate the information already available in the editor. Does it provide some new use or feature that I'm missing?

I'm not trying to dismissive of it, really just trying to figure out what it's use is to see if I could improve my workflow in some way.


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
The Inspector will come into its own once we have the Room Instance Inspector finished and out as this will allow the room editor to be open with the inspector open at the same time and when an instance is selected the properties can be changed directly without having to open the properties window, also when multiple instances are selected then it shows the properties that are the same across them all and allow you to change the same property on all the selected entries. (NOTE: This also works for the same property across different types of resource i.e. Sprite Asset and Room Instance).

You can see this currently if you are creating Sequences as all the sequence elements can use the Inspector now.



Firehammer Games
The inspector is seemingly going to be something very similar to the same named thing in an unnamed competitor engine. Instead of having these separate editors for all the different assets, and instead of having to have the separate dialog for things that are in rooms or sequences(instances vs object assets), it would all be shown in the same place. The logical conclusion of this workflow would be removal of the whole workspace thing and just using the inspector for everything. I don't know details on their new "workflow improvements" but I'm guessing it is something like this. I'm also guessing they have something in mind to replace the node workspace specifically for objects since those have more than just properties, things like events and code(which wouldn't be a good fit for the inspector).