What Do You Think About The Pixel Art I made.



Hi, I'm developing a game and I decided to re-make most of the game textures. I made everything except for the sky/clouds and the textures that are still in a "work in progress" are the trees and stones (Can't draw trees very well XD). Any feedback on the overall "aesthetic" / Graphics are appreciated.

"I used Imgur since the file was apparently too large to upload (It was only 112KB?)"
Also here's a Gif of the game showing the rest of the sprites and animations.
P.S. The Gif has newer sprites since I changed them using some of your opinions. "Thanks for that"
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Hey thats pretty good. I wish I could see the character better...... Cant really comment there.
I might try a different texture for the trees....? Maybe not.... Maybe the shading of the rock being at a different angle is throwing it off a bit.

I like it overall. Fun stuff. Would be interesting to see character and animations you have for him?


I really like it, but I agree with @Toque in that the hero is a little hard to see. Would be great to get a look at him on his own and without the sword blocking half of him from view.
He also blends into the background layer a bit. You could try lowering the saturation of that layer, and lightening the outlines a bit so that the foreground stands out a bit more.


It's a quite flat artstyle. Needs practice and work. Though the setting of the interface is well done.

Pixel art can be hard but, unlike high quality super detailed paintings, it can be done by everyone to some extent. If you want some guides, start with this, then look at this too. Here's a list of pixel art guides, choose what you want (some links are off, though).

But at least i didn't see that kind of hipster pixel art style certain indie dev think is mandatory because indie. If someone doesn't know what i'm talking about, look this or this.
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I really like the style! Good job! I like the sky gradient and the wavy texture in the ground.
A couple things to think about.

1. The tree trunk stands out because one side is so obviously different from the other. I would try to either put details on both sides (maybe at different heights) of the trunk, or to keep it simple.

2. The top of the ground tiles look nice, but maybe consider something slightly different for the sides and bottoms? Does grass grow on the side/bottom, or is it moss, or maybe it's rock/dirt/roots/other. It could be grass on top and around the top corners, then roots and rocks on the side, then dirt on the bottom. But that's up to you.

3. See if you can be more creative with the palette for the background tiles. I see you only darkened them. Maybe decontrasting them and adding a blue/green/grey/other tint to them. It's important that the colors, background elements not be too contrasted. Contrast is best served for the foreground/main tiles. When I say contrast, I only mean brightness/saturation/colors. Not style or theme.

4. A paralax background would be nice, even if it's just the sky gradient and some faded mountains. Keep the horizon of the background close-ish to the center of the screen. Though I'm sure some variance can work too.


It's not bad at all, you could probably use some refinement over certain elements like trees, it depends on how busy you want the screen to look.