What are you working on?


There are some great projects on this thread. Fun to read through.

I've been working on what will be the first non-VR workout game on Steam. Called 'Boot Camp Fitness' which releases on April 16th 2020 [Edit: Is now released in Early Access mode].

Quick demo:

Steam Link:

After release I plan to keep improving this game by adding lots of extra content in future updates, such as a calorie counter, optional workout equipment such as dumbbells, a gym ball and skipping rope, even more exercises, more playlist songs and lots more useful extra content, all from advice from fitness trainers and nutritionists. I really want to overdeliver with this game.

Before anyone asks . . . yes, the red loading bar was definitely influenced by Kit out of Knight Rider lol - guilty as charged :)

I'm using Blender for animations and working with fitness professionals for exercises to include and in which algorithm structure, plus advice from a nutritionalist on what kind of diet ideas to include. Dietary advice is tricky though, as what works for one person may not work for another, so I plan to expand the range of options for people wanting to lose weight (from fat), so that players can try different ideas and find which approach works for them - without any fad diets or unhealthy approaches.

I read that newbies tend to put a release date up that is too soon on Steam, so I doubled the time I thought I needed to complete the game . . . but it turns out that I should have tripled the time lol as now I'm working days and evenings to test algorithms and polish the game. Time pressure gets me off my butt to get it done though, so it's probably a good thing.

Any constructive criticism about my store page set up, the concept, or what extra features you'd like to see in the game, I'm all ears.

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It’s really just a vague idea at the moment, especially with a few other non Game Maker related projects currently on my plate, but I feel like I could do some type of short visual novel when I further develop this style of art I’ve got in my head.

It’s really just a doodle there, not quite sure exactly how to translate what I’ve got in mind to paper or otherwise but I think it will turn out a bit more dreamy or trippy than this, and still somehow manage to get contrast. I guess something not unlike Hotline Miami?

Thing is, after having experienced stuff like Disco Elysium and World of Horror or even Silver Case, I’d like to at least make it somewhat interactive without taking on too much for my first game.


It's Screenshot Saturday so here's what I've been working on lately:

It's a tool that allows Pokémon players to manage their Living Dex, and it also has a shiny and streaming mode. It allows you to export your progress as images like so:


Other than that, I've been working on random island generations:

Screenshot_13022.png Screenshot_32776.png
Screenshot_47818.png Screenshot_80089.png

Stay safe, bros. 😷
I am currently working on a game named Marbles of Darkness. It is a marble shooter, like Zuma and Luxor.

Huge darkness is about to cover your land (haven`t come up with a proper name yet)! You have to collect various sources of light and then face the darkness to make your land as beautiful as it once was. Also, there are lots of orbs in your way, so you need to make groups of 3 to clear your way. But beware, if an orb reaches the hole at the end of the path, darkness will immediately prevail.

This game eventually has 25 tracks, Story mode with 88 levels and bonus modes.

In the screenshot, you can see the 4th level, titled "Diamond Mine". It is the first level to contain tunnels.
bandicam 2020-07-04 20-11-56-962.jpg



a quick note for the wife.. she has been looking at this for three days now

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Working on finishing my game Raum Drive. I always thought I'm good at finishing games, but it's really hard this time. There is a lot of boring programming left which I'm not not good at at all. I need to clench my butt cheeks together and just do it.
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haven't done any gamedev-at-home in the last 1.5 years, but some inspiration recently struck me, so gonna give it another shot.

last few days been drawing a large metroidvania-style map. also putting together slides/documents. basically I want a full macro map with all the zones/objectives/upgrades/pickups, and enough documentation on the style I want to go for, and the mechanics, before I start any of it for real.

I tend to have a bad habit of starting a lot of pixel art, rough micro-scale level design, and effects before I even know what kind of game I want to make. well, this time, I'll start it properly.
I be working on a new more puzzling sort of game. i kinda grew tired of action or conventional game styles so i decided to work on a more confusing and tricky questions type game, where you will need to think in order to solve the tricks. it is just very good
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