What are you working on?


So, what are you working on at the moment? Post a screenshot and show us!

I'm working on a game that uses a GML-implementation of spriter that I wrote.

I have a bunch of scripts that load the scon (spriter JSON), parses it, loads the sprites on-the-fly, loads animations, ect.



In addition to the animations, animation speed can be changed at any time, limbs can be controlled individually, and the sprite parts that make up a character act as hitboxes with precision collision masks (Headshot can be different from a legshot ect.).

Transitioning between animations, and calculating the inbetween keyframes are done by interpolation (linear, In/Out/InOut-cubic).

Other sprites/objects (A gun in the screenshot) can be locked to limbs.

Transitioning from an animated object to a ragdoll is also dead easy.

All in GML!

Looking forward to seeing what you guys are working on!



I'm currently busy with school and exams (almost done though :lemsmile:) so I'm not actively working on it, but I guess I can talk about it.

You guys know I got addicted to a game called osu!, and I've been very active in the community lately, especially the subreddit. Someone posted about a possible "anime plot" based on recent community events, so I posted that I could have made a VN out of it if I had some free time and some will to write about memes.

So I'm working on that. There's a pretty functional engine already working fairly well, and a very basic plot is ready, with some details too, but I don't have a clear objective that says "this is a complete game" so idk how far I'll get.

Anyway here are some screenshots:
Main menu, it works more or less like the actual main menu of osu!, but with little differences: 1st, the buttons are different. 2nd, the music player in the top right (barely visible in the screenshot) will play songs from the game (while in osu! it plays random songs from the beatmaps you ahve downloaded). 3rd, the user info part on the top left (not visible) will display info on the latest save file (not implemented yet).

Last screenshot I posted on the subreddit, this time actually ingame. This is how players that don't have public pictures are represented: with their ingame avatar. Fortunately I can make GameMaker interact with the web api and download the latest avatars whenever the game launchs. In the screenshot you can see Monstrata (famous mapper in the community becasue his maps are considered bland and made explicitly to gain Performance Poitns, but I think they're fun) and Reese (famous because he was the quickest to upload plays from top players to YouTube, literally uploading some plays a few seconds after they were done live).

If you're wondering why some of them are blurry and weirdly-shot, it's on purpose: in fact, the people that code osu! take screenshots of the upcoming big update (osu!next) in the same way. The filenames are also references to community events.
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I'm working on a character based bullet-hell shmup called Typhoon Unit. I'm doing all the programming, artwork, music, writing, etc. I'm releasing a demo next week with two playable levels, so I have to make sure that everything that I want in the demo gets done.




Very early version of my game that currently has no title. It's very upbeat and happy, until you get in a fight, then heavy metal music starts playing and the screen turns red and starts shaking... That's pretty much all I have so far. I'm working on the first building right now.



From 'Brood Stop', which is currently in late Beta for a PC / Mac release.

Description: " A bug splatting high score twitch shooter, where you’re the invader!
Master the thumb bruising controls to blast and bomb your way through hordes of relentless brood progeny, whilst simultaneously battling to stop the brood breeder bosses and conquering the alien planet. Muwahaha!
Sharpen your bug annihilation skills against 3 broods in CONQUEST mode and then continue the pew pew pew invasion against additional broods in HARD, BRUTAL, ORIGINS and BROOD X modes.
Acquire 7 pilot ranks, unlock 48 achievements, customize your ship from 30 available colors and boost your ship’s devastating weaponry with 5 performance upgrades.
Do you have what it takes to maintain the rage and become the next Brood Stop Ace?"

Currently working on additional "LETTERS" feature where you can unlock the story of Brood Stop, as told in a series of letters written back home from the pilot of the ship. These will outline his initial enthusiasm for 'the mission' and his decent into madness knowing that the mission is doomed.


Trying to not be terrible at art ;-;

Also waiting game prototype (think cookie clicker)



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