Discussion What are you listening to right now?


Usually listening to stuff from 65daysofstatic for No Man's Sky, or stuff from Death Stranding - but right now I'm listening to an SFM rendition of the Passione Torture Dance from JoJo's xD


Right now Im listening to different covers of Ordinary World by Duran Duran like this whilst I ponder on how to make my battle system asset less crap.


Someone help me... This song reminds me of that gruesome image. I like the song and don't like the game. I'm actually torturing myself and beating the hero story.
Right now I'm sleep deprived trying to make half of a final push to the Weekly Game Jam entry... so I'm getting some energy by listening to
Today I've been listening exclusively to Mac Miller. I just heard "Circles" for the first time, and ended up rewinding through his entire discography.


In conclusion...

On a different note entirely - I learned how to play "Heart Shaped Box" and "Come As You Are" on my guitar today. Got em down flat on the first try. :D
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