Weird wall collision. Need Help!!!


Mac Adair O'Hara

Hi all,
I am very new to game maker so this might be simple but I have been trying to fix it on my own and can't. I am making a game in which I have two walls and two other objects that can be controlled by the player (object 1 and object 2 for simplicity). Object 1 is supposed to go through wall 1 but not wall 2 (the floor). Object 2 is not supposed to go through either of the walls. When Object 2 hits wall 1 it has a fine collision but when object 2 hits wall 2 it freezes or gets stuck despite the same collision code being used. If anyone can figure out why the wall 2 collision makes it freeze that would be very helpful.
Which collision code did you use?

I'm not an expert, but the reason might be that the sprite of object 2 overlaps with wall 2 sprite (you can zoom in the view to check if that's really the case). So you should stop that from happening in the first place.
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are you using the Collision events or are you using code that you wrote yourself? If you're using Code, you need to post it so we can critique it and see if there's an issue in there.

Sounds like gravity pulls object2 into wall2.