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GMS 2 Weird resolution change between rooms (total noob)

Hello all. I just got game maker studio 2 and I am completely new at this so the silliest thing could have happened. I've been using the youtube videos made by Shaun Spalding to make my first game and while it is going well and I'm pretty proud at what I've got so far, there is one thing that goes wrong. I have just added a menu to my game (tutorial 10) and although it is looking really nice, when I move from the menu to the actual game, all of a sudden the resolution becomes distorted. It seems to go to a much lower resolution with everything in the room being wider than it ought to be.

The weird thing, however, is that when I start the game with that first level (lets call it level 1), it all looks fine. Only when I go from the menu to that room it becomes distorted. Same when I go from the level to the menu (just to see what would happen), it also becomes distorted. However when I go from level 1 to 2 it also looks fine.

I figured there might be some persistent object changing things, only there isn't, as far as I could see. No persistent objects, persistent rooms or whatnot.

The menu and level 1 have a different width and height. Also, what might be an indication: Before I let the background in level 1 repeat itself horizontally and vertically, it seemed when I removed the view, that on the outsides of the room it was showing the background from the menu.

I hope this information is enough to make it clear. There is no view in menu, but there is in stage 1 and ehm, I think that's it. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated

edit: Oh yeah I've been using code to do it, so not the drag 'n drop stuff


If the menu and level are different sizes / aspect ratio you will get this issue.

Try and use the same aspect ratio for both (or in your case level 1 view has the same ratio as the menu).
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AAaah thank you so much! I was like, it couldn't be that the room size was different because in the tutorial there also was a different room size for the menu. But the ratio, that was it. Thanks man!