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Android / Amazon Fire Weird pieces of sprites repeated around screen

My game is aimed for Android. I have checked "keep aspect ratio" to have a padding (black bars) around the screen to compensate for issues with different display sizes. It works pretty well on several devices with various sizes.

However on Samsung galaxy a9, a strange problem happens. some pieces of sprites are showing repeatedly on either right or left padding of the screen.
[ look at the spoiled pic of the screenshot of the game to best understand the issue.]

Do you know what is the issue? How can I solve it?


yeah, I have checked "Clear Background with Window Color" in all rooms. However maybe you should know that I have no background color at all. Instead I have used background images.

this problem only occurs on some special screen sizes, specially those with long width.I searched a lot and nobody seemed to have the same problem. Finally I had to draw two black rectangles on both sides of screen in GUI layer. Doing so solved the problem. But it forces an extra load on the burden of the game 60 times in a second in all the rooms. I wish I could find some other way.:(