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Question - IDE Weird IDE bug

Everytime I open my project, all I get is a couple of "EMPTY" windows. I attach a screenshot of when I try to alt+tab showing the empty windows (never mind my messy desktop :D). I can't do anything, not even CLOSE those windows. They aren't even empty windows really, they are more like... non-existent windows. I don't know how to describe.... Windows recgonize there's something there, but don't show anything.

*BUT* I can run the game pressing F5.... and with F6 a new window with the debugger opens. If I never close the debugger tab, I can open a new workspace, the asset browser and keep working from there. But if I close the debugger tab, the whole window close and I am back to have just.... non-existent windows.

I've tried to reset the Layout after opening the window with the debugger, but this just throws me back to have non-existent windows.

Any help, please?


Well, thanks for nothing, it's the 2nd time I post something here and I get zero replies... isn't this an official forum that's supposed to be seen by the staff at Yoyo Games or something?

Anyway, I uninstalled Gamemaker Studio 2, installed it again, and the bug went away.


Forum Staff
isn't this an official forum that's supposed to be seen by the staff at Yoyo Games or something?
No, not at all. This community is not monitored by YoYo Games staff. The only replies you're going to be receiving here are by other users, or by YoYo Games staff browsing the forum voluntarily during their spare time.
Oh, good to know. It's kinda weird to have a forum hosted a yoyogames.com not being monitored by staff from Yoyogames. I remember back at GMS1 times that we used to have replies from staff all the time, but the forum was very different back then.

Oh well.