Question - Account we don't have paypal.


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I think the direct bank deposit requires you hit a higher threshold.
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My understanding is that you could get paid directly to your bank account also, but you had to put in a manual request when you hit the threshold. Been that long since I looked at the terms and conditions on the market place though.

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  • 4.5. Alternative payment methods to you. If we agree to make non-PayPal payments to you, then we can instead make payments by bank transfer to you. However, this will only apply for balances above $250 (two hundred and fifty US dollars) and on a quarterly basis. If in any quarter your balance is less than that amount, we will hold it until a quarter when it exceeds that amount. If you have a balance of less than $250 for more than eight consecutive quarters, we will pay you the balance. We will not pay you any interest on any sums we hold for you under this section.