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  1. Piece0pie

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    Jul 20, 2016
    When you come to you realize something has gone horribly wrong...

    Your memories are broken, distorted. The world around you is clearly not your own. Somehow you have been sucked into a video game and the only way out is to play it through. However, parts of the game appear to have been rewritten, reorganized for some greater purpose. Some parts of the game appear to be unfinished. Is there other life to be found here? Will you ever return home? You have encountered 3 players in a similar predicament. If you work together your chances of success will greatly increase.

    I designed Wardens of Dawn in a top down style much like Zelda and have combined it with level design and gameplay resembling Doom (or Descent ;). Find the 3 keys to progress to the end of the level: yellow, blue, and red. 1-4 player couch coop with controller support (I just added keyboard controls for testing but I have focused on controller).

    Characters and Classes (subject to change):
    Tasha (Adventurer): An up and coming game designer, age 16. Not a prodigy, but a diligent worker. Her home-life is stressful in part because of her parents view on game design, namely that it's a waste of time. Inside the game she plays as a Link/Hyper Light Drifter esq character.
    Her late grandfather designed this game originally. He was an odd duck in their family and ended up becoming a renowned game designer. She is aware of this and searching for inspiration and is hoping to find a message he left for her in the game .

    Gill (Mage): A long search for his older brother lead Gill into the game. He is strong willed and determined to find him no matter how long it takes. In the game Gill plays as a mage who uses his powers to plow through anything and anyone in the way of his search.
    Gill's brother was a locally infamous arcade game player in the 80s. His handle Gman79 still holds several top scores in local arcades.

    Teal (Monk): Teal plays a monk in the game, utilizing hand to hand combat along with some air bending/Neo moves.
    An apathetic android who has lost her memories. She believes that they are held somewhere in the gameworld.

    Hash (Trooper): Hash plays as a foot soldier. Their blaster is rapid fire if not accurate. They can drop turrets to help flank targets.
    An NPC who years for something more. Constantly trying to understand what it is to be a person. Feels emotions and is not from this game. They are not sure how old they are or if there is an appropriate conversion.

    Basic opening lines.

    Opening 2.gif

    It looks like I need a key...

    Tasha combat sample


    Hash combat example

    Hash dropping a shield!

    Old sample menu (at this point I am not planning on using quests but this was fun)

    Plenty of things to work on.
    Text display system needs an overhall
    Considering procedural generated/random dungeons
    Replace all RPG Maker art
    Add true multiplayer support (currently the 3 of the players are done but I need to redesign the control assignments for multiple controllers)
    Menus and linkage
    More antagonists!
    More Traps!
    Sound Effects (Currently using some created in Bfxer that make things entertaining)
    AI and Player behavior fixes

    If you are interested in corroborating or joining forces in anyway send me a message. Stay tuned for more!

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    Jul 20, 2016

    I have been experimenting with procedural generated levels (although that is a strong phrase for it at this point). Utilized some fantastic tutorials by HeartBeast on YouTube creating levels using a DS Grid.

    Overall I have been blown away at how easy this was to implement with my current player object!

    Here is an example of the basic dungeon generation on the fly - no cuts just spacebar...

    Testing the layering of the raygun and sword when turning. You can see the shots going across the (albeit crude) minimap!

    Testing the shield layering no big deal

    Attempting to break the collision check part 1

    Attempting to break the collision check part 2

    Clearly there is a lot to consider here and plenty of new problems that I will likely encounter.
    Next steps:
    1) Clean up the level - Remove awkward walls and the like
    2) Autotiling - Although I kind of like the basic effect I have going here
    3) Enemy spawn generation
    4) Key/Door generation - Not sure how feasible this is

    Larger picture:
    1) Replace placeholder art
    2) Overhaul the text system
    3) Hammer the story presentation down
    4ish) Menus/Multiplayer Selection

    Stay tuned!
  3. Morendral

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    Jun 27, 2016
    Looks like a solid start, looking forward to seeing where it goes.

    Also i love the star trek font you are using
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  4. Piece0pie

    Piece0pie Member

    Jul 20, 2016
    Omg can't believe you recognized the font!!!
    Final Frontier ftw!

    Peace and long life,

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