GMS 2 Wanted : Volume Registry & Device Space Recognition asset for Windows

I was wondering if anyone has developed an asset for Volume Registry and Device Space Recognition for Windows?

To be specific.....

For my needs, it would be a programthat reads the device space ( total available, used, and free ) and the volume label for both NTFS ( local hard drives ) and FAT32 ( for USB flash drives or external hard drives ), in the same way when you look at the properties of a device in windows it shows that information. Now I have no idea how to get this information from Windows, in a program, not in the language C, and definitely not in GML. So its been a mystery to me, that how is it , that when I do a update of GMS, in the installation flash screen the installation program is able to read how much space I have my on my hard drive. In fact , ever since I have had Windows 95, this is a feature that I could not use and yet every time I use a installation wizard , it is able to get that information. I have never seen any kind of function for this through any of the platform dependent functions that came with any of my C or C++ compilers ( especially VC++ ). Now, I have a need for it for my Win7 systemthat has GMS. I would rather get this as a asset for my games, rather than having to invent it - which is what I can not do. I dont know how its done. I just want to be able to monitor the USB storage devices a user plugs in , have the program warn the user if they have the wrong drive to search for file, or warn the user if they are running out of space on their device. Another reason is , I am also developing a game where you can have multiple player accounts for people to share your game ( off-line ) on the same computer, but instead of using up the local hard drives, I want it to be an option for the program to look for the files on a USB storage device and request those devices to be plugged in by their volume label. I do not know if it possible to get GML to share, the same OS operation, when Windows is aware when you insert a USB storage device and prompts you what to do with it. Otherwise I have to design the game so that the user has to tell the program that a USB storage device has been plugged in or unplugged, and provide the details of the device space values of total available, used, and free manually - EVERY TIME the USB storage device is used outside of the game and replugged in for the game at every game session.

Any help appreciated,