Team Request Wanted: fast pixel artist for jam. Ends March 16th. No pay.


(This is a non-paid position.)

Need some quick and dirty practice? Don't care about a finished product? Do you like robots and sci-fi? Can you art like this...?

Deadline is March 16th. The game may not get finished. I could use a little help with the overall idea, but I have one started. The jam theme is "crafting".

The game idea so far: robot awakens in cave/underground. His memory has been wiped. He finds different colored crystals along the way that when combined in certain ways will empower him with enhanced abilities.

Loose story: Robot was discarded as defective for helping human rebels fight against an evil AI. Robot had discovered the power of crystals that could defeat the evil AI, but the evil AI captured him and left him for dead in a deep, underground pit. Robot regains his strength and his memory as the game progresses.

Crafting, so far, is only combining crystals for abilities (similar to magic spells, but science-y). Like: increased speed, laser eyes, blaster fists, double-jump jumpjets, etc. Also, I'm open to suggestions for other crafting ideas that would work in a platformer action adventure like this. (Of course, scope is a major issue. We need to keep it small.)

You must have Discord or Skype.

I usually do my own art, but I'm afraid I won't have time to do both code and art for this one. My time is already limited as is.

This is just for fun and practice. I need to reiterate: the game may not get completed. The job will be over and done with on March 16th, as that is the Jam's deadline and I have my main project to return to.
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I’d be interested in working on this with you.
Discord: kmccoart