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I want to post my game here, but I need at least 5 posts to post the link for the download. Is there any other way cause I dont want to just post 5 post without any reason and look like a spammer.


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You can post a profile status

You CANT post in Off-Topic because they dont count that at all.
I think the goal is to post with a purpose. Play some people's games and leave feedback. That helps people out at the same time, and is usually pretty fun too.


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The post limit doesn't stop new members from posting links. It just means their post must be approved by a moderator before it's visible.

Many new member post games in the Work in Progress forum, or the Made with GameMaker forum. They are usually approved within an hour or so.


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You could always just post a bunch of not-too-spammy replies to other topics (anywhere other than Off-Topic, at least), that's a good way to get some extra attention as well (as soon as you DO post your game, it's good if people already know you exist).
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