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Asset - Scripts Voxel Import


Hello all! Just I want to show my asset that allow to load models from Magica Voxel to GMS 2!
All code writen on GML. It fast and optimased (i hope).

This asset is a paid, but you can try free compiled demo.

  • Import Magica Voxel (.vox) models
  • Models can be stored in one vertex buffer for better perfomance
  • Support frame based animation (you must use Magica Voxel 0.98.2)
  • Simple texture support
  • Support to set scale, when model is loading
  • Support to set origin, when model is loading (nine points of origin)
  • Easy to use
  • If you load many models through a loop, it can take a lot of memory (make small loops)
  • Large levels can take a long time to load
  • Maximal size of model is 256x256x256 voxels
  • Models is not optimazed when is loaded. Each voxel have external sides. (2 triangle for each side) But inner sides not be generated.

List of functions:
VI_model_load(fname, scale, origin)
VI_model_complex_load(model, fname, scale, origin, x, y, z)
VI_model_draw(model, frame, texture, x, y, z)
VI_model_draw_ext(model, frame, texture, x, y, z, xscale, yscale, zscale, xrot, yrot, zrot)

Marketplace link.
Demo link.


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Interesting! Big fan of Magica Voxel here.
This import is very nice and clean.
Nice job!

Some suggestions:

1. "Baked" lighting based on current Magica Voxel render settings - possible? (Would be *awesome*)

2. Opacities/glows etc. from Magica Voxels material settings - possible? (Would also rock.)


Thank you!

1) I think, that it impossible, because *.vox not have any baked light information.
2) It is poooossible, but! I am a noob in shaders. Sorry =(
Hey thanks for this. I think voxels would be a nice step for Game Maker. I've recently been exposed to some Magicavoxel art and would like to use this art style in a future game, if possible.
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