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Easily create dynamic visual novel content and sequenced animations with VNgen by XGASOFT. Powered by Quantum, VNgen uses a powerful scripting system within GameMaker Studio, breaking the limits of GML to deliver high-quality presentation both in the IDE and on target devices.

A complete rewrite of the popular Edge VN, VNgen reimagines visual novel design from the ground up, providing access to advanced features previously only accessible to high-budget studios with custom engines. As a sequenced animation platform the possibilities are endless, offering a combination of built-in transitions and animations plus support for user-created animation scripts using simple keyframe logic. As a visual novel engine, VNgen supports virtually limitless entities of every kind, all part of a flexible, modular structure which can be customized to suit almost any user's needs.

Just want something simple? Good news: VNgen handles the complex stuff so you don't have to. Many functions have both simplified and extended counterparts, offering something for every level of programming experience.

Building a full game? Great! As an extension of GameMaker Studio, VNgen can be used entirely on its own or as a layer on top of your own custom code and game mechanics. You can even integrate your own code into VNgen without modifying anything!

Currently available in Early Access!
$29.99 $19.99 (Introductory EA discount)


VNgen is built on a core logic framework which makes it possible to assign numeric IDs to code itself. On this foundation, it's possible to essentially create original programming languages in GML and break the perceived limits of GameMaker's logical structure.

With this in mind, VNgen was designed to be a great experience for developers and end-users alike. Once you've performed the initial setup for a new object, all custom code is handled in the Step event with a clean, manageable structure which reads like a custom scripting language.

Featuring an easy-to-learn events/actions code structure, VNgen makes it easy to create, modify, animate, and destroy over a dozen unique elements, from scenes to characters to textboxes and beyond. Actions play out in sequence with highly accurate timing functions to preserve animations at any framerate.

In fact, VNgen's animation functions are so powerful, visual novels are but one possibility among many. Each element has many optional transitions built in, and further animations and dynamic mesh deformations can be performed using simple keyframe-based animation scripts. Characters can even be composited from multiple layers, each of which can be animated independently. All animations support standard 30-mode easing (or 'tweening').

And the experience continues into live applications as well!

With a built-in debug mode and command console, VNgen makes it possible to monitor and test projects without hacking in custom functions and draw commands to see what's lying under the hood. Visualize dynamic mesh animations and text links with wireframes, perspective camera coordinates, angle, rotation, and parallax strength, track entity states and progress through your visual novels, and more.

With deep memory management and heavily standardized functions VNgen runs well on a wide variety of hardware, from mobile devices to consoles to desktop PCs. (HTML5 is only partially supported.)

Each feature is highly flexible and can be customized without modifying a single line of internal code. In addition to animations, most elements support up to 4-color blending, including text. Text also features markup support for color, shadow, outline, links, variable speed, pauses, and more. Text modifications can also be allowed to persist into the backlog, which keeps a running record of your entire visual novel as it progresses!

Available Now!

VNgen is currently available in Early Access, with internal code improvements and native GameMaker Studio 2 support coming soon. Full documentation will be made available offline as part of version 1.0 and online at over the coming weeks. Extensive inline comments are also available in each script. Projects made with the Early Access version will retain compatibility with version 1.0 when it releases as a free update to all EA users.

For more information on all the latest features, check out VNgen on the Marketplace!
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