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Greetings all!

I am a composer and sound designer with many years of experience, and I figured I'd drop my portfolio site here. If you were a regular of the GMC years ago, you may remember me as gamereality.

Vivid Sound

My style could be described as flexible, or unique, and I have a large focus on creating memorable tunes that I find fun to listen back to myself. I have worked on multiple paid projects for iOS and Android systems.

On the landing page are a few demos of my tracks, ordered by context. I'd recommend listening to at least one from each, if you're interested

Thanks, and don't hesitate to contact me at music@vividsound.org, PM me here, or shoot me a carrier pigeon if you'd like music for your game.


i sent you an email to the address provided above by you.
I checked out your music- lol im even listening to it now as im typing and your creations are very good!

hope to hear from you soon.