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Mac OSX View rewinding to previously drawn frame when moving to a new room?


Hey there,

I have used GameMaker in the past but recently upgraded to GM Studio 2 to try it out. I have imported a project I had from 1.4 and overall it seems to work just fine, but something really weird is happening when I transition rooms. Whenever I move to a new room it first displays the PREVIOUS frame for a split second. This makes it look like the character jumps back for a minute before popping into the next room. At first I thought it was a position glitch or something but after trying out some more things like having moving enemies on screen it looks like they all pop back to where they were at the start of the frame as well. I have searched online and not found anyone talking about something like this... does anyone have any idea where I can even start with troubleshooting or fixing this?


You can see in the above example the way it pops the character back down to where they were in the previous frame after touching the stairs but before transitioning to the next room. At first I thought it was just an issue with the stairs but it turns out this happens no matter what triggers the room transition, and not just that.

Thanks in advance!
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Can nobody help with this? Is this not the right place to be posting this question? I would appreciate some direction if so.


I went ahead and recreated this issue in a brand new project using only the bare minimum of two objects and two rooms and you can see the same thing happening. This is me only holding the right arrow key to move steadily right and on the frame where it would overlap the transition object it instead appears to skip to the left before transitioning, just like in my real project above.


Can someone help me understand what could be causing this even in a brand new project?

EDIT: I tried compiling with HTML 5 instead of macOS and the version of this test project in the browser does not seem to have this issue.
Can you post your code for movement and for transitions? (also, this isn't the right place, it's more suited to the Programming section)


It seemed like a tech support issue since it was happening even in a brand new project with minimal programming, and because it was only happening with the macOS VM output version and not the HTML5 version. But since you said it should be in the programming section I created a thread for it there. :)

Also, since you asked, this is what code I have in the new project:

// obj_player create event
image_blend = c_red;
game_set_speed(10, gamespeed_fps);
depth = -1;

// obj_player step event
if (keyboard_check(vk_right)) { x += 4; }
var transition = instance_place(x, y, obj_transition)
if (transition and transition.x == x and transition.y == y) { room_goto_next(); }
The other object (obj_transition) has no code in it at all.
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To conclude this - I submitted a bug report on this and they said "I have now confirmed the issue and reported it in our bug database". So I guess all that's left to do is wait and hope it gets fixed in a future update. :(