GML view follow issues


I'm currently working on a top down adventure game where the view follows the player (original system created by Heartbeast):
//this Code is in the step Event of the view object

//update view position

//move view towards target point
x=lerp(x,target[? "x"],spd);
y=lerp(y,target[? "y"],spd);
Usually, the player is the target and the view's speed is set to 0.5, so the view is always centered on the player.
However, if you set a different target (for instance in a cutscene) and especially when you lower the 'spd' variable, the view gradually slows down when approaching the target, to a point where it moves less than one pixel per step.
I know that this is because of the 'lerp' function. So what i'm trying to do is set a minimum view speed (or rather a minimum distance for the view to move per step), to prevent the view from getting too slow, but without overshooting the target position.