Asset - Extension Video Player Pro (for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu)

Samuel Venable

Time Killer

Buy this asset only to support development, as it also available free via source.

Supports 64-bit Windows, macOS, and 32-bit GMS 1.4 / 64-bit GMS 2 Ubuntu.

For 32-bit Windows support get the free Video Player, (same asset otherwise).

Pros: Free. Open Source. Permissive MIT License. Cross-Platform for Desktop.

Cons: Can not Render to a Texture. Fills Game Window only. No Drawing over.

Add me on Discord to get faster support than email: Samuel Venable#5465

Special thanks to YellowAfterlife for the asset icon!

Buy it Now for GameMaker Studio 2.3 (Marketplace)

Functions included:
// GameMaker 8.1 splashvideo functions
void splash_set_stop_mouse(bool stop);
void splash_set_stop_key(bool stop);
void splash_show_video(std::string fname, bool loop);

// GM extension video playback functions
void splash_set_window(std::string wid);
void splash_set_volume(int vol);
std::string video_add(std::string fname);
bool video_get_option_was_set(std::string ind, std::string option);
std::string video_get_option_string(std::string ind, std::string option);
void video_set_option_string(std::string ind, std::string option, std::string value);
void video_play(std::string ind);
bool video_is_paused(std::string ind);
bool video_is_playing(std::string ind);
int video_get_volume_percent(std::string ind);
void video_set_volume_percent(std::string ind, int volume);
std::string video_get_window_identifier(std::string ind);
void video_set_window_identifier(std::string ind, std::string wid);
void video_pause(std::string ind);
void video_stop(std::string ind);
unsigned video_get_width(std::string ind);
unsigned video_get_height(std::string ind);
double video_get_position(std::string ind);
double video_get_duration(std::string ind);
bool video_exists(std::string ind);
void video_delete(std::string ind);
std::string window_identifier();
My only biggest concern is that not everyone will read the description.

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