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Video Playback


So I see that Video Playback's on GMS:2's roadmap.

That's really good news, but then I checked and it was on the roadmap since early 2018. Oh noooo...

I hope the devs don't consider this a low value project and keep putting it off. Having videos be able to play on all platforms would be a significant boon, and even if it's limited to windows only, I think it would be great if it was native to GM since no one has access to the render pipeline (why so secretive here anyway?) I'm pretty sure that's the reason GM is not recent with its version of Spine.

But with native support we should definitely get faster access to the video files, and better looping videos with actual depth control!

Like a background that's just a looping video so it gives the project more oomph in presentability on the title screen.