Video as menu background?



Hello, I've been searching all over but I haven't found what I'm looking for. Does anyone know if there's a way to have a video play on loop as a room background? What I want to make is the title screen for my game with a video playing in a loop in the background while the player can select menu buttons on top of the video background. Is there a way to implement that in GameMaker Studio?


No GM:S built-in options. Have a look at the video extensions available on the Marketplace, you'll want it to alow for drawing above the video as well.
Marketplace: > video

Aleksandar Gavrilovic

I've bought a couple of video players including the one in the link above but I'm having stutter issues...
Even with the tutorial example, when I put my avi it begins stuttering a lot.
Does someone know of the best compression method to use to avoid this stuttering?


GMC Elder
I don't know if you have GMLVideo, but I've had nothing but positive feedback for using it in these types of scenarios as you can draw the video just as simply as you would a static background. It is highly optimized, attested to by the fact in can run on old and slow mobile devices.

If you have bought it (you mentioned you tried a few!) and are having problems - please! Contact me, I provide extensive support to people who have purchased the asset.