[Video] Adding Custom Text above a Moving Object (Or a Still One)

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by TreblePotato, Sep 13, 2016.

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    GM Version: GameMaker Studio
    Target Platform: ALL
    Download: Mega Link
    Links: YouTube Video Tutorial

    Hey guys!

    I made a new video about adding custom text (or pre set text) above a Moving Object/Player (or Not Moving at all), this is perfect for a RPG game that asks for the players name at the beginnng of the game.

    Instead of the good ol' box that appears asking the player for a name to set, you can set it in a more "friendly" way (and prettier aswell), like in the Menu or in a small box on the options area, like I said in the video, this can be done and i'll help anyone that needs some help gettings this done!

    Let me know if this helped you, and feel free to suggest any further tutorials for me to do! Opinions are accepted and welcome

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