Free Vicious, Fateful Memories. final version ever


F. Cole

After what seem like eternity Vicious is finally finished, this is technically the first game I've ever made "squidgurl was a 2 week vacation to stave of insanity", and was a nightmare every step of the way do to being way to ambitious for a beginner ;)

Game info is at the bottom if you want to skip the rant, but it honestly feels like a curse has been lifted in finishing this and I can finally move on to other projects of a much higher quality, the wide release on a Friday the 13th feels almost ironic. There's actually a warning about depression when you start a new game, it's more a personal thing to do with the development, this isn't a creepy pesto or any of that garbage.
It would be nice to come back to this one day as a complete redo, but i really have no interest in ever reworking this version, the subtitle 'fateful memories' is a reference to the error that resulted in about 25% of the game being removed, and stalled any plans of making 'Cristabella' and 'Nekomatika' playable characters with their story paths being removed as well.
On a lighter note, making everything up as I went was pretty exciting, didn't make a decision on the last boss till the end of production so that it'd be at least a little supersizing :p


Rise from the grave and slash your way through hordes of crazed cat girls and other beasts with insanely fast paced horror action!The Pandemonium has begun causing everyone to turn into beasts devouring one another, and the only way to stop it is to prevent the birth of an unholy kitten goddess. You must fight your way through a city in chaos while solving puzzles and challenging precisely timed traps with zero forgiveness in difficulty.

Approx run time 2-6 hrs of metrocktowervaniahill? gameplay!

Would love any feedback, this was envisioned as a steam/console release and can be treated like that ;)

sidenote, how do you delete the 'in progress' thread of your game? or do you just let it fade in the wind?.....

Geoff Jones

Great visuals and atmosphere! and congrats on finishing the game. A few things:
Add option for using arrow keys - I usually dont/cant play a sidescroller for more than a few mins if i'm forced to use WASD to move.
The player moves too fast when crawling, it feels unrealistic.
Add option to skip the intro and cutscenes.

F. Cole

thanks much, reconsidering doing a slight adjustment since the game is getting downloaded a lot for something rescued from a dumpster fire. So arrow control and a few other adjustments might happen. Watching game play videos is the weirdest thing ever, i know people are going to go out of their way to break a game but it feel like their handing the control off to their pets, 'stop ****ing jumping and hit the enemy!'

As for the music, most of the metal tracks are handled by Christopher Abby, who was the first victim of the 'curse' having to stop work do to depression and other things i can't go into.