Alpha Veins of Light ***OPEN TO CONTRIBUTION***



Delve into an ancient tomb, and confront the renewed evil that lurks within...

link to download:

ss beetlemob gui.png ss bossdoor gui.png ss intro door.png ss sunyata gui.png

Explore giant mushroom forests, uncover the truth of your origin, and avoid deadly traps and combat creatures of the depths!

Veins of Light is a 2D Action-Platformer developed by Fungi Studios aimed to be released for Windows and macOS at the end of June 2018.

Fungi Studios is just me right now! Because of this, Veins of Light is OPEN TO CONTRIBUTIONS. That means that YOUR artwork or music or programming skills or original ideas could be incorporated into the final game! The game is currently open source, on github ( Playtesters / feedback welcome and wanted! Please email me on the main game page if you are interested in contribution. Any artists who can match the current theme / art style of the game are extremely helpful!

The Alpha is very rough right now and I know there are several bugs and lack of quality in some aspects (sounds).

Thank you and enjoy!

Galaxy Pickle