Alpha Vanguard Alpha - Space shooter game

Hello everyone. I joined this group to connect with the GameMaker community, to see what everyone is working on, and to get advice as a novice game maker.
I am working on a game called Vanguard Alpha. It is basically a game similar to the classic Asteroids game, but with more features such as weapon powerups, 2 player mode, indoor environments, and a single player story campaign.
As a game designer novice, I have run into some problems, but I will save that discussion for a later time. For now, here is a video of my game in action.




I think I am finally 100% done with my first enemy.

It is a Security drone. The AI has several behaviors: randomly patrols near its starting position.

As soon as the drone sees you, it moves towards you firing volleys in 6 round bursts. When the player moves out of view, the drone resumes its patrol. Now that this one is done, I can more easily make other types of enemies by changing a few things.




I think this is an interesting idea. I think adding a story will help influence people to play until the end of the game. It will give more meaning to the arcade portion.

I like the behavior of the drone. That level kind of reminds me of Omega Race, with the block in the center.

I think you are off to a good start. Keep going!

I have textured everything and added some new graphical effects, such as animated shields.

Also there are now 2 types of security drones. Eventually one will be friendly.

I also tweaked the movement speed and friction for a better feel.

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