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  1. Sencil Sketches

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    Feb 15, 2018
    Name: Vandeity
    Genre: Action-Adventure, Hack n Slash
    Platform: Windows
    Current State: Alpha

    To translate a certain 3D series into 2D is the objective.

    Developer Notes

    This is my first large scale game and I don't consider myself a programmer, I've just used Game Maker since I was in my early teens. Everything is going well so far but I am expecting a problem sometime in the future regarding memory usage (as you can see, I'm using HD graphics) and if it happens then I've already got a second version I'm working on side by side where all the assets are half the size of the original.

    Under normal circumstances this shouldn't be a problem however when you scroll down to my Design Philosophy section you'll see that I'll need a lot of character assets pre-loaded into the game and ready to use at any given moment while enemies and environment will be loaded and unloaded as needed.

    Has anyone else tried to do something similar and overcome RAM limitations? If you have, please share with me your experiences with it. As you can see, the visual aesthetics is one of my points of differences and as such I don't want to sacrifice too much of its identity.

    Design Philosophy

    When playing an action game, often times the character(s) you control can gain many new abilities to the point where you can't use them all without pausing the game, then going into the menu to swap out your current one with a new one.

    Using the system pioneered by the Devil May Cry series you won't have to.

    Anytime a new weapon / spell / ability is acquired it will remain accessible to you anytime in or out of combat without breaking pace by going into the menu.


    Among all the melee weapons, spellbook elements and alternate persona exclusive abilities you will have a command list with upwards of 80 entries.

    Every command has its own advantages and disadvantages such as:
    • Speed of Start-Up animation
    • Duration of Recovery animation
    • Vertical/Horizontal reach of attack
    • Duration of active frames of a attack
    • Enemy Knockback distance
    • Stun duration (how long it takes for an enemy to recover from an attack)
    • Accessibility (whether it can be used only on the ground, air or both)
    • Utility (whether it has a special property such as ground-bounce/wall-bounce/hard knock-down for combo extensions)
    • Mob potency (how many enemies an attack can hit at once)
    Player expression is of utmost importance and the only way to achieve that is to give the player options, a LOT of options; such that the only limiting factor becomes your own imagination.

    With so much combat tools it is also important that you are able to navigate to the right tools at the right time with ease.

    This game utilizes more buttons than men's formal office attire but controls are customizable for both keyboard and controller to suit user's preferences.


    - Sencil Sketches
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  2. Toque

    Toque Member

    May 25, 2017
    Looks nice. I like the music.
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  3. River

    River Member

    Oct 23, 2019
    Looks awesome!
  4. Cupid Stunt

    Cupid Stunt Member

    Dec 11, 2019
    Your combat mechanics are enviable. Truly great work. You may not consider yourself a programmer but you are a game maker.

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