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UWP UWP XBOX One Start Button / Menu Button issue

Hey, I'm messing with some XBOX One export stuff via UWP and everything's finally going smoothly, but there's one problem. When a player hits the start button / menu button on the XBox Controller, the screen dims and makes a sound. Then when they press pause again or the b button it goes away.

It's not game breaking, but it's obnoxious. Is there anything I can do about this?


Kazan Games
Could you show a picture to better understand the problem?
(It's rare to see someone using console export around here lol)
Sure, here's the game running

Here's when the player hits the pause button. An overlay from the system covers the whole display.

But the player can back out of the invisible menu overlay by hitting B, which removes the overlay.


Kazan Games
The overlay is fully black or it fade out in some time? Are you using any surface to make the menu? Maybe when updating the surface, it gets dark quickly and then draws again after being created.


@ThatsMyTrunks did you solved it ? I also have same issue, that when you press "pause" (burger icon) button on Xbox One, then there's an black overlay, like there is some xbox interface overlay.
Hello, me too. The screen dims on my three published games - Ralph. It's happening when press the start button, only. In my case, I use this button to pause game.