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UWP UWP Project not saving changes to UWP options




I have completed coding a game and am trying to export to a Windows UWP package to publish. However, I am receiving (Publisher Name) errors which blocks the project from building. I can confirm that I have read all relevant documents/etc on the publication process and have done everything correctly in terms of set-up in the Microsoft Dev center, GM2 options and Visual Studio certificate build.

What I am seeing now, is that an old VS certificate and the (Publisher Name) I associated to my project months ago seems to be ‘cached’ and stuck as associated data. When I edit/change my associated certificate (re-install) and update the UWP option (Publisher Name), save GM2 project, close and re-open the (Publisher Name) and cert and info bounces back to the values prior to my edit/save/close/re-open. The values in this certificate are ‘truly’ wrong and I get why the error is throwing (Publisher Name is incorrect). Just seems weird that making changes to these fields never saves properly when re-opening the project.

All of this is causing my project to be stuck in this loop of having old/incorrect values cached, preventing a proper UWP build.

Curious if anyone has hit this issue or has recommendations on how to fix this.



When you change the values in the UWP options, are you clicking the Apply button when you have entered the new details?

Changing them and then saving the project isn’t enough, you must click Apply otherwise they won’t be changed and will use the old values.