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UWP or DESKTOP licences? or....


Sorry my English, it's not my native language.

Hello friends, I wanted to ask ... I still don't have a license and I will buy my first license.

My goal is, for now, to publish .exe for windows in: itch.io, Steam, Epic, direct or with some publisher.

I also want to take my games to Xbox, for now, to the Xbox One Creators Program.

So, to export to:
1) Windows executable to itch.io or Steam
2) Xbox One Creators Program
3) Windows Store

What license should I buy?
What do you recommend to start?

And if I wanted to include ipads?


Desktop will allow you to distribute to Steam and Itch.io

UWP will allow you to distribute to Xbox and I believe Windows Store.

iPads you would require the "Mobile" export.

Desktop is the one you should start with. It allows creation of EXE files.


Forum Staff
1) Desktop
2) UWP
3) UWP
4) (not exactly numbered, but you mentioned iPad) Mobile

For starters, if you have no or little experience with GameMaker, I recommend getting a Creator license for the platform you intend to develop on (read: Windows if you use Windows). This grants you access to the respective export and all features of the IDE for 12 months, and also grants you an upgrade path to the Desktop export at a discount, through which you'll be able to pay close to the difference to upgrade your license to the permanent one.