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UWP module


is it worth buying?

In terms of download and revenue?

One thing to note is that there is no IAP extension for UWP module

And that Windows Phones are basically extinct as in no one uses them

That leaves just the Windows Desktop App store


UWP allows you to also release on the Xbox One Creators Program I believe as well.

Although I have a feeling they hide your game somewhere away from the "actual" Xbox games on the store, but don't quote me on that.

I'm also interested in this.


I was always interested in UWP. Friends used to joke that I was the last Windows Phone user. Also used to own the UWP export for GMS1, now it's the only one I do not have. That all just for a little context. Microsoft is bringing all functionalities to win32 lately. I would not invest in UWP anymore.


i get lot of downloads for my BeatDrops app on the Windows App Store (which all windows users have easy access to) so in terms of keeping that upto date i think i need the UWP module.

BUT this is onlly for Windows desktop NOT Windows Phones which has a low user base