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UWP UWP - IAP Does not work



IAP is really messed up for UWP. IT JUST DOES NOT WORK. Back in 1.4 Consumables never worked, I had opened a bug ticket and YoYo confirmed that it was an issue and that they would fix it in 2.0 because they had to re-write the whole IAP logic. And guess what IAP just does not work neither durable nor consumable. Worse, there is no freakin documentation for UWP though there are well documented steps for other platforms. Just search for IAP and you will get very specific results for other platforms:
Android: Setting up IAP
IOS: Setting up IAP
MacOS: Setting up IAP

Anyhow, I am here asking for help. YoYo - Please give a good working example/steps to make IAP work in UWP or remove that modules as a supported module/platform. I am super frustrated that I paid for all this **** and now it does not work between two major releases.

I am happy to attach a sample project if YoYo or anyone wants to take a look.