Using lengthdir to lock object to another



I have two objects (Wagon and Turret) and I want the turret attached to the wagon. I found out that lengthdir is the one to use for this. But I'm no programmer/scripter so who can help me out step for step.


aka fel666
The easiest way is to find the angle from the origins and distance of the turret.
Then, use something like:
x = wagon.x + lengthdir_x(wagon.image_angle + aoffset, offset);
Y = wagon.y + lengthdir_y(wagon.image_angle + aoffset, offset);
Where aoffset is the angle offset, and offset is the distance offset.

A more complicated approach is using matrices.
You must first find the x and y offset of the turret. Let's call them xoff and yoff.
Then, use the following code:
//build the transform matrix from the wagon
var mat = matrix_build(wagon.x, wagon.y, 0, 0, 0, wagon.image_angle, 1,1,1);
//transform our offsets
var o =  matrix_transform_vertex(mat, xoff, yoff, 0);

//get our x and y coords
x = o[0];
y = o[1];
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