GMS 2 Using Github and Source Control


I've been using git and github as backups for awhile, but they were initially so difficult to work (at least in part to me not understanding how things work) that my main backup method was just copy the whole file into a separate repo rather than directly connect the GMS 2 folder to git hub directly.

I've now figured out how to do that consistently but am running into a number of annoying errors. I want to connect my largest project to git hub but I am also afraid it will break everything.

For example - see this bug which is apparently still a thing nearly a year later:

My main questions are:
  1. Should I directly connect projects to github? (so that I can commit, push, pull, etc. - rather than just using github as a better google drive)
  2. If so, should I do it through GMS 2's built in system, gitbash, github, or git desktop?
  3. Are there still errors that will kill and corrupt my entire project?
I've also run into a few strange things while using git with smaller projects. For example, my projects are backed up successfully, and don't appear to contain any strange errors, but if I go to the github repo there are a bunch of extraneous files such as script0() containing no data or rooms and objects that have been deleted from the project but still exist there. I don't know enough about git to be sure this is a bug, but it seems like it.

Also, I often have the red icons next to resources even after committing and pushing and verifying that it was successfully backed up.