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SOLVED Using a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) for a Snapchat campaign? (Using a iOS SDK in Gamemaker?)


Hey everyone!

Context: I was doing some experiments with running ads on Snapchat for my mobile game and ran into a problem.

The Problem: To track downloads from Snapchat ads you need to use a third party API on Snapchat's list of partners. The thing is I can't find a way to use the SDKs from the partner list within gamemaker.

What I have done: I looked into an AppsFlyer Extention that's available for the marketplace but it only supports android, and I can't tell if it even works for gms2. Later I looked into GameAnaliyitics, which totally works with gms2, but they don't connect with Snapchat...

Now I'm stuck... so I made this post!

Has anyone experimented with MMP in their game? Or even have an idea on where I should start in making a iOS / Android SDK work with Gamemaker...

Thanks for your time,


Edit: In case anyone has this problem in the future, use there SDK implementation guides (for iOS) (for Android) and make a Gamemaker Extention. After some tinkering, it works out pretty well.
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