GMC Forums User population: GMS1 or GMS2?


Gay Wizard Freak
I assume GMS2 has more users just because it has updated apis for mobile developers.
Anyone using GMS1.4 probably has code that doesn't translate or they hate the new ui.

Though I'd be interested in official numbers.


My guess would be gms1.4 by far. 1.4 with like 4 modules was only 15 dollars for me. And lots of people who have game maker are not very active in using it, so not worth the upgrade. Certainly people who use gm daily likely are using 2.


My guess would be that more people presently use GMS2, but way more users would own GMS 1.4. GMS 1 has been out for many years longer and has seen some major discounts with HB etc... So it would be logical that GMS 1 has outsold 2.x by a long margin.


Most of my friends have not migrated to GMS2. They are either continuing/making new projects with GMS1.4 or moved to other engines.
We all develop for desktop though. I'd imagine GMS2 has better and/or functional mobile development and those who make money from it would have migrated. No idea if this actually happened.


GMS2 for me! I like the workflow a whole lot more. I've used GM since 6 so I still put my resources on the left-hand side, but GMS2 feels a lot smoother to me.

Liam Jacobs

Am personally still using GMS1. It still works perfectly find for Desktop and HTML5, which are my main platforms. Although I do agree that GMS2 looks much cleaner, and appears to be an all-round better product, the ~$250 price tag for the two modules isn't something I'm interested in perusing right now. Mostly because I can pick up languages quite easily, and there are many (free) multi-platform languages.

So to summarize; I use GMS1 daily, mostly for hobby programming. I don't see the need for me to upgrade to GMS2, because I can achieve everything I want to in GMS1. If I were going to upgrade, I'd be spending ~$250 for a better looking version of the exact same thing (in my case. I do understand that GMS2 has a lot of useful additions, but I don't think I'll ever come around to using them, and if I REALLY needed them, I could probably come up with a GMS1 alternative).

GMS2 is fantastic, and I love the direction YYG is taking the product in... but I can't justify ~$250 (as a hobbyist) for something that 'looks better.'